Baccarat Casino Online in Canada

The time comes when one has to consider which online casino game to play next. And, make no mistake about it, the choice in this regard is truly broad. Slot machines are everyone’s favourite, poker is the table game that has evoked a huge international television following, but there are so many more possibilities, online craps, sic bo, keno, bingo, the list just goes on. Perhaps, however, it is time to really see just how lucky you can get. If you are feeling lucky, and want a game of pure chance to cultivate the casino relationship with Lady Luck, then there is really only one game to play. Baccarat.

James Bond played baccarat in Casino Royale, and the speed of the game, the glamour of the casino and the obvious exhilaration of the players captured the worlds’ imagination. Baccarat became a casino sensation overnight as everyone with a gambling instinct was drawn to this high action game of pure chance like moths to a flame.

Today, much like online poker, baccarat is a favourite casino game for most high rollers, and, due to its fascinating set of rules and gaming possibilities, blows the minds of beginners on a daily basis. This is indeed why we spend so much time compiling the very best casinos for you at So you too, can have your mind blown by the brilliant online casinos games available these days at the top sites. And so that you can experience the unmitigated pleasure of a sensational game like baccarat in the safest environment possible.

The undying fascination of baccarat for Canadians lies with the rules of the game itself. Baccarat is a simple card comparing game, famously not needing an ounce of skill to play successfully. Players compare the face value of their cards to those of the banker, and can bet on either their own cards or on those of the banker. You can even bet on a tie happening, but this is the bet with the lowest odds for players, so be careful. These betting decisions are the only choices you need to make during a game of baccarat, which is why the game takes place at such a rollicking rate and generates so much elation.

TOP Baccarat CasinosNovember 2023
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Rules of Baccarat Online Casino

Easy to learn and simple to play, the only basics that you need to know about this card game are how the cards are added up during game play. Cards are added up according to their face value. An ace counts for 1 and all picture cards 0. The aim is to have as high a total as possible from a maximum of three cards, and here 9 is the perfect number. When adding the cards and the total goes into double figures, the single digit number, or most right hand number is used. For example if your cards are a 5 and an 8, the total is 13 and your hand value is 3. Generally, and when playing the most popular version of the game, Punto Banco, the third card is then automatically drawn. A directly winning hand in baccarat consists of two cards adding up to 9. This is termed a ‘natural hand’.

In conclusion then, and given the status and delight that the game of baccarat delivers, particularly when accessed via, this is clearly a game no Canadian should miss. Read more about the history of Canadian Online Gambling.